1. Is Kasama Collective just a market?
    • We like to think we are more than just a market. We are a collective that puts on creative events and opportunities to bring people together.
  2. What does ‘kasama collective’ mean?
    • The meaning behind our name represents coming together. Kasama means “together” or “to join” in Tagalog, one of the many languages of the Philippines. Kasama Collective is a play on “kasama ko which translates to “together with me.”
  3. What is the significance of the ginkgo leaf as your logo?
    • Ginkgo leaves symbolize longevity and profound endurance, and while the ginkgo tree is native to Southeast Asia and China, its ability to thrive across the globe speaks to its resilience. This is the reason we chose the ginkgo leaf to represent Kasama Collective as a symbol of the perseverance of Asians and Pacific Islanders who emigrate from their native countries in search of opportunities.
  4. How can I get involved?
    • We are always in need of volunteers! Please complete the Volunteer Sign-Ups sheet found on our website, or click here.
  5. How can I become a vendor?
    • True to our mission of highlighting AAPI businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs, we are constantly updating our list of vendors and are regularly on the lookout to support ones we have not worked with yet. Please complete the Vendor Registration form found on our website, or click here for our linktree to apply for the event you’d like to vend.
  6. How much is the vendor fee?
    • Because our goal is to uplift and elevate the AAPI community, there will never be a fee to vend at our events, meaning that vendors keep all their earnings. We may ask vendors for a suggested donation on a sliding scale, but there is no obligation, and we do rely on the community to provide tables, chairs, tents, etc. for events. This is where volunteers play a huge role in helping us acquire the materials needed for each event!
  7. Is this for AAPI only? Do I need to identify as AAPI in order to be a seller?
    • Kasama Collective is for the community. Our goal is to highlight and share Asian American and Pacific Island cultures with our neighbors in the RVA community. That said, as we are driven by elevating AAPI-owned businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs, our hope is to put them at the forefront. We also strive to be inclusive and representative of the city of Richmond’s diverse and ever-growing population to reflect our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ siblings, and other marginalized identities.

Additional questions and/or feedback? We are open to dialog and suggestions for future events. Contact us at hello@kasamacollective.com

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